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Making a First Game: From Romance to Hard Work

Games are fun. Making them - not that much. Young people who spent their adolescence going through all kinds of quests and shooters always tend to romanticize the career in game development. While the truth is that all the work leaves you with almost no time to fully enjoy the projects of others.

Ready for the Next DevGAMM? The Most Productive Event Is Coming Back to Moscow This May

Even if you’re still catching up after the holidays, remember that the gaming industry never stops and never sleeps.It’s three months before the start of next DevGAMM, but the preparations are going full speed.

8 Tips for Aspiring Match 3 Developers

Are you thinking of creating your first match 3 game, but have no notion of where to start? Then this article is for you. We will try to help you understand the basic points to which you should pay attention when initiating development of this kind of project.

Meet Renatus

Meeting with Renatus Media, LLC - games publishing company at DevGAMM Moscow  2015, 2015-05-15
DevGAMM Moscow 2015
Moscow, Russia
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