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Games Inspired By Real Life: Success And Failure Stories

Game designers are puppeteers creating a game show from behind-the-scenes, but what if they got to the stage front? Would they steal or ruin the show?

Player Types As Way to Improve Your User Acquisition Strategy

Age, gender, marital status, occupation… which other data you can use to fine-tune your user acquisition campaigns? According to the latest trends it’s: Player Types.

Designing A Killer Icon For Your App

App icon is a powerful tool and your main task - as a designer - is to make it work on you, not against. You just need to craft a tiny image that would look unlike any other icon, convey the essence of your app and look attractive.Sounds quite challenging, huh?

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Meeting with Renatus Media, LLC - games publishing company at DevGAMM Moscow 2017, 2017-05-18
DevGAMM Moscow 2017
Moscow, Russia
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